NASA’s Parker is heading to the Sun. Why won’t the spacecraft melt?

Thermal Protection System Engineer Betsy Congdon (Johns Hopkins APL) outlines why Parker can take the heat.

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Music credit: Cheeky Chappy [Main Track] by Jimmy Kaleth, Ross Andrew McLean

Credit: NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center
Genna Duberstein (USRA): Lead Producer/Lead Editor
Rob Andreoli (AIMM): Lead Videographer
Betsy Congdon (Johns Hopkins University/APL): Lead Engineer
Ryan Fitzgibbons (USRA): Narrator
Genna Duberstein (USRA): Writer
Steve Gribben (Johns Hopkins University/APL ): Animator
Brian Monroe (USRA): Animator
Josh Masters (USRA): Animator
Michael Lentz (USRA): Animator
Genna Duberstein (USRA): Animator
Mary P. Hrybyk-Keith (TRAX International Corporation): Illustrator

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